viernes, 15 de julio de 2016

Read the story. Then answer the questions.

Jason’s mom paid the taxi driver. There was a large sign over the doors that said “The Howard Mann Theatre” and below it “Class Acts – tonight at 6.” A young man greeted them at the door and showed them where they should go. Jason entered a room with five other boys and girls and their parents. A woman came in and smiled at them as she went over the rules of the game. She told them who would be on each team.  Jason’s teammates were Janelle and Steve. Janelle was a year older than the boys. She was reading a book called Amazing Facts. Steve was looking over a map of the United States. The three team members put on red jumpsuits. Then, they went in and a woman put make-up on them so they would look good on TV.  While they were waiting, people began to arrive and sit down. Janelle said, “Did you know that all rainbows are made up of the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet?” Steve said, “No, but did you know that Mammoth Caves in Kentucky are over 330 miles long?” Jason gulped, “No, I didn’t know either of those facts.”

1. How did Jason and his mother get to the theatre?
2. What was the name of the theatre?
3. How do you think Jason is feeling in the last sentence?
4. Put these events in the order they happened.
_____ Steve read aloud a fact about Mammoth caves.
_____ People began to take their seats.
_____A lady explained the rules.
_____ Jason and his mother were greeted at the door.
_____ Jason’s mother paid the taxi driver.
_____ Jason found out who his teammates were.

_____ Janelle told her teammates the colours in a rainbow.

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