viernes, 10 de junio de 2016


Date: June 10th

Circle the actions in the following sets of instructions
1.    Complete the conversations and check the responses you hear
2.   Write the expressions to say  “hello” and “good bye”. Compare with a partner.
3.   Ask and answer all the questions. Can you give me more information?
4.   Circle the correct response, then, go to the board.
5.   Read the article.
6.   Unscramble the words.

Unscramble the following sentences
A.  Borrow/I/may/you/that/book/from
B.   Going to/he/Saturday/is/the mall/shopping/on
C.   Bring/to/will/the birthday/I/the party/cake
D.  Out/take/I/will/tomorrow/trash/the
E.   At/the airport/him7will/at/ALinda/meet/noon
F.    Amanda/because/room7her/small/like/doesn’t/too/its

G.  Off/please/the/turn/lights

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